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Default Re: What about Polanski at the rally against sexism?

Originally Posted by miceelf View Post

British folk singer Yusuf Islam, formerly Cat Stevens, accepted libel damages and an apology on Friday from a news agency that reported he had refused to talk to women at an awards ceremony who were not wearing a veil.


World Entertainment News Network issued an apology, saying:

"We now accept that these allegations ... are entirely without foundation, and that Mr. Islam has never had any difficulties working with women, whether for religious or for any other reason."
Thanks. Interesting. But I didn't claim that he refused to talk women or that he ignored their presence entirely.

Whether or not he came across as unusually distant towards non-muslim women, is a highly subjective question. The "not shaking hands" thing is standard in Islam (and ultra-orthodox Judaism), but most Western Muslims don't follow this obnoxious practise.

The kebap dealer at my corner should be given a price for "peace and understanding" for running a truly multi-ethnic (mixed staff, customers, dishes, ... ) joint.

Instead, our elites desperately seek out the mythical orthodox liberal Muslim.
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