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Default Thank You, Carl and Robert!

Hands down , one of the best diavlogs I've watched in over a year. This was a loss LEADER. I could endure AA and CC, and all the other hacks, for the promise of watching this.

Welcome back, Zimmer!

I read Preston's The Hot Zone when I was enduring MI training. I had nothing I could do but watch TV, run until my knees unhinged, or read for 16 hours every day, because I couldn't study the material outside of the security facility. I was so bored, and my roommate was already using the room for fucking his GF There were only so many rooms for everyone. Training knocked out my will to read for a year. Then I read Preston's book-in 15 hours straight, right up until I had to take my daily quiz. And then, I just crashed, I had three months to endure. What could I do for another 89 days!

Please, write longer books!

No, I was freaked out, and I did develop an interest in nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons (NBC) that endures to this day. I volunteered for the NBC team in every unit I was assigned, even though it meant I would have to expose myself in warfare to NBC weapons even more than other soldiers whom it was my job to warn and protect. I was crazy for the stuff.

On L-N, it illustrates just how much of what we call fate, or agencies beyond our control, might be biological and ultimately changeable, even given the slow rate of mutations.

When Preston discussed his science/math studies, which I can empathize with, it reminded me about science education. What about a Prestonian science curriculum?

I get very downcast when people like AA and CC come on here and recycle talking points. They are third-rate thinkers who prosper in spite of their inferiority. But, Preston takes his strengths and weaknesses and creates something compelling and original. How many profs make any sense of Joyce, let alone something others can appreciate? Inspirational!


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