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Default Re: Science Saturday: The Mysterious Depths of the Universe

Originally Posted by Ocean View Post
Well, not that anybody would necessarily care about how I feel after watching this diavlog, but ...
Shameless begging for validation. Lose ten points. ;^)

... I wonder if others had a similar reaction.
I shared your instinctive revulsion to the L-N syndrome and Richard's stories. However, it was good exercise to try to overcome this instinct.

I found the sex in a tree part a non-jarring, even welcome, change. (Not to mention enticing in its own right.)

After I finished watching, I was in a state of stupefaction for... what? Maybe ten minutes. Ten minutes! Blank. Slight nausea. Perplexity! I finally recovered and gathered my thoughts. I looked at what was going on in the forum: nothing, deserted. I had the fantasy that everybody else was equally perplexed in front of their screens. Motionless, listless. Unable to react.
That wasn't me, although I did feel as though I had just expended effort or something like that. In a good way.

I went for a walk and upon my return I started to write this, after having a delicious serving of my favorite dark chocolate ice cream...
I had more coffee and another cigarette. The only walking involved was out to the kitchen and back.
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