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Default Re: SOPA, Keystone XL and NDAA

Originally Posted by Sulla the Dictator View Post
Instead of putting all your eggs in the solar frying pan, you research ways to ameliorate climate change. Seed clouds. Dust the upper atmosphere. Genetically engineer plants which absorb more CO2. Fast track nuclear plant construction.

Instead of garroting their young in their cribs and building houses on stilts for the survivors, the Dutch built dikes. Lets try that kind of approach before we adopt the lives of the Eloi.
Jesus, did you even read my posts? How 'bout we do what ever we can from all angles, like some of the stuff I mention in my posts and not use the dirtiest fuels we can get our hands on? Perhaps you could try to keep up with the discussion, and then roll in your trojan horse.

Added: Oh and "fast tracking' nuke plants sounds reckless, maybe you could rephrase that.
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