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Default Re: An apparition is stalking America

Originally Posted by sugarkang View Post
It looks like they just flipped the propaganda switch at Fox.
What does the graphic read on that switch? Loser control: Poser <> Crank

I kid you guys! But out of love, not fear or hate, 'cause our country was built on the lust for freedom and it's side effect: gullibility.

Originally Posted by sugarkang View Post
They'd be complete morons not to given that their viewers aren't getting any younger.
Not to mention the PHC (phone-hacker-in-chief). Who's gonna pick a "winner" when he's gone? I still miss "America's Mayor, RG" too bad the switch was broken in '07.
"God is a metaphor for that which trancends all levels of intellectual thought. It's as simple as that." J. Campbell

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