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Default Re: Sex and the Eurozone (Daniel Drezner & Megan McArdle)

Originally Posted by stephanie View Post
Or even respond to what Megan and Dan said. But she'd rather try to make this personal, I suppose.

On what Megan and Dan said, I do perceive quite a bit of change over the past 10 years or so. Part of it is normalizing the presence of women in certain fields and in more powerful positions in certain fields. Because of this, I think women can act as men do and get responded to more similarly to how men are. It's not identical, but it's much more that way.

It's also true that when I started working the women in power were more likely to be extra aggressive or hard-asses in some way or another. It was a generally accepted understanding that high-level women partners were often harder to work for than men with the same level of authority (or more) and that in fact they were often harder on women associates than for men.

Mostly that has changed, along with there being a lot more women partners at various levels. (Or maybe I'm just more senior now, of course, but I think my perception of a change is a valid one.)

Along with this (and something I think is good for various professions) is a broader understanding of what kind of styles work well in certain fields. I think this is good for many men, as well as women. There are also some freedoms that being female brings with respect to what I might call opting out of the dick waving contests.

Yes, I agree with your comment. We still have a lot of territory to cover, but it has improved to a significant degree.
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