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Default Re: Sex and the Eurozone (Daniel Drezner & Megan McArdle)

Originally Posted by Ocean View Post
If you could control your impulses to antagonize anything I write, you might have been able to understand what I said.
Interesting use of antagonize. I rarely respond to anything you write. I just couldn't let this one go, because although you used so many words, you didn't say anything at all.

I didn't mention being aggressive. I think the technical term for what I am refering to is assertive and confident that a woman deserves as much attention when she speaks as a man (presuming she has something to say). You apparently think that women need to lay back and be handed opportunities because women shouldn't have to compete for attention. I mean, things need to settle before women can be regarded as good leaders.

And most telling of all is the suggestion that if a woman stands up for herself, which is really what I said, she would get kicked out. I'm wondering if you're the kind of woman who doesn't speak up in public but works your will behind the scenes and behind the backs, which is a kind of aggression that women excel at.
"By pursuing his own interest he frequently promotes that of the society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it." Adam Smith

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