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Default Re: Republicans Candidates Should Ask ... What Would A Canadian Do?

Originally Posted by TwinSwords View Post
It never fails to amaze (and disgust) me how conservatives can find a way to blame blacks (or gays, or Muslims, or other minority groups) for whatever the social ill of the day happens to be.

Do you suppose that having 40 or 50 millions uninsured citizens might be a factor in some of our health woes?
I think badhat dealt with your "40 or 50 million" uninsured quite nicely.

As to "blaming" people, who knows what you're talking about? Hysterical, perhaps? I'm not "blaming" anyone. Infant mortality is what it is; I have no great personal investment in it. I'm simply explaining why a multi-ethnic society has different realities than a homogenous one.

Wrap your brain around that one. Cause and effect, trippy man.
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