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Default Re: Republicans Candidates Should Ask ... What Would A Canadian Do?

Originally Posted by David Edenden View Post
"The only problem with capitalism is ... to much competition"
I know that the US compares unfavorably with European countries when it comes to % of GDP spent on medical care. However, French doctors make paltry sums compared to US physicians but they pay far less in malpractice insurance. Also, medical school is subsidized in France. Is the cost to the French citizen of subsidized medical school included in the %of GDP.?

This "France is #1" survey was taken in 2000. I wonder how a more recent survey would portary things considering the financial shakeup Europe has been experienceing.

I also have mentioned this several times and have gotten po-pooed...but don't Americans subsidize the socialized medicine schemes in European countries because they basically refuse to pay what we pay for drugs?
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