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Default More of/Less of

Here's what I think we should see more of/less of in diavlogs:

More of:
* East Asia. It was nice to hear Dan and Megan discuss China. It would be nicer to have more people on to do the same. I know that there are folks out there who are capable of doing so, and I can suggest folks depending on whether you want political economy, public polling, etc. (Well, for China. Not as familiar with Korea and Japan).
* South/Central America. I can't recall the last diavlog on the region. And there's much to talk about. Peru just had a fascinating (and tragic) election, for example.
* GMU economists. Caplan's only been on once. Cowen's been on a few times. Boudreaux has never been on. Etc.

Less of:
Middle East. Nothing against the folks that BH brings on, but I think we're Middle East'd out for a while now.
Religion and politics. Again, we've had a lot of it.
Michelle Goldberg.
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