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Originally Posted by Wonderment View Post
What about Bob?
For all that we militant atheists grumble about his being an mystic and/or an accommodationist, I suspect the TF does not love Bob's views of religion as a human-made thing that evolves, and does so largely in response to market forces, social pressures, individuals' pushes, etc.

At first glance Ayala seems to be a bad choice. His main claim to fame is that he's a Catholic priest who finds evolution compatible with religion. Why is that even a big deal within Catholicism? I thought the Pope was all cool with Galileo, Darwin and the Big Bang now.
As I understand the TF, they care very little what the Pope or any of the official Catholic Church thinks. They are Protestants, historically, and still. And, if you take them at their word, they're all about blending religion and science harmoniously. From the two articles I've read about Ayala, it would appear he tries to do just that.

Bob is way more worthy of the prize ...
Actually, word 'round the campfire is he was first on their list. But he told them he was making way more money with, so they could take their measly $1.5 mill and give it to someone else.

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