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Originally Posted by Wonderment View Post
What about Bob?
Yes, what about Bob?

At first glance Ayala seems to be a bad choice. His main claim to fame is that he's a Catholic priest who finds evolution compatible with religion. Why is that even a big deal within Catholicism? I thought the Pope was all cool with Galileo, Darwin and the Big Bang now.

Of course I don't dispute Brendan's idea that "one productive intermediate step to be pursued in the further maturing of humanity is to convince people that they needn't give up all of their religious beliefs in one fell swoop to accept scientific explanations for natural phenomena," but that still seems like a trivial point to be making. And since when is the purpose of the TP didactic? Is it just about weaning believers from literalism?
I don't know what the TP has in mind, but certainly weaning believers from literalism appears to be a much needed task, especially in the U.S.

Bob is way more worthy of the prize because his books -- like those of former nun Karen Armstrong -- are thought-provoking for both religious and secular readers. Also, Bob has creatively applied his philosophy to current political conflicts (see his most recent "Against 'Pro-Israel'" in the NYT, among many other brilliant commentaries on secular/religious affairs.)
Boy, Bob got a fan! Is that due to the Aryeh award you just got?

Peter Singer is another thinker I'd love to see get this award, but they'd never give it to him because he's an out-of-the-closet atheist.
OK, OK, you have my permission to nominate Bob and Peter for next year. What else?
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