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Originally Posted by bjkeefe View Post
Especially given that Ayala used to be a priest, I view this mostly as a positive. I was reminded when reading the above of Georges Lemaître.

I am not really happy with the TF's efforts most of the time, as you know, but I do think one productive intermediate step to be pursued in the further maturing of humanity is to convince people that they needn't give up all of their religious beliefs in one fell swoop to accept scientific explanations for natural phenomena.
There are two very important pieces from the book Science, Evolution, and Creationism:

The book also presents the scientific and legal reasons for not teaching creationist ideas in public school science classes.
Mindful of school board battles and recent court decisions, Science, Evolution, and Creationism shows that science and religion should be viewed as different ways of understanding the world rather than as frameworks that are in conflict with each other and that the evidence for evolution can be fully compatible with religious faith.
As you said, it may be an intermediate step only, but certainly a very important one in order to advance the scientific framework among the more entrenched religious groups who see incompatibility between the two.
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