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Default Re: Please Don't Feed the Troll

That is a possibility (good point and I agree with you), however Ahmadi and Khamaeni would have to step it up a level to mass killings which they can't do and still be legit in the eyes of the faithful.

So what we have is an Iranian regime accusing people of being CIA agents just like they did during the Bush administration. Nothing has changed. Rhetoric won't change Ahmadi and Khamaeni. If we say nothing, the CIA is still killing Iranians. If we speak, the CIA is still killing Iranians.

I don't disagree with Obama's tact on Iran. I'd have taken the same position, mainly cause it was the opposite of Bush and it's the perceived sophisticated position to take, but the reality is it doesn't matter what we say. Whatever we do or don't do, say or don't say, it will always be America's fault. That's probably the most important lesson any American interested in foreign affairs can learn from traveling and living abroad. We'll get blamed no matter what. Obama ain't no more special than Bush in the eyes of our nemeses.
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