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Default Re: The hesitancy heard around the world..

Originally Posted by CanWeGetSomeCommonSense View Post
He is not president of a Muslim country. He is president of the country that stands for democracy...ya know...freedom? As president of the United States he is responsible for promoting and defending freedom and democracy and yes on a global scale as well. He choked.
You don't get it. By equating America with democracy you're making my point for me; if the Iranian regime got a hold of your post it would use it as proof that the protesters and reformers are just acting on behalf of America. You want the President to serve as tool for propaganda and recruitment for the worst kind of theocratic bullies.

edit: To put it more succinctly, you're demanding that the President act in a way that clearly demonstrates his goodwill but also foolishly bungles things and makes the world and US security worse for it. This is Bush foreign policy, America doesn't want that any more.

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