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Default The hesitancy heard around the world..

Just a few thoughts:

The motor of denouncement against Iranís maniacal dictatorship started coldly and revved up too slowly to get the vehicle moving in the right direction. If Pres. Obama believes that there will be meaningful dialog with Iran he has already lost the battle. You cannot reason with irrationality.

His best opportunity for dialog would be to have conversation with someone in Iran who believes that diplomacy is a legitimate form of interaction.This may only happen when the current crazed dictator is toppled.

His hesitancy does give rise to speculation concerning his "love" of democracy.
Why was Obama willing to err on the side of a maniacal dictator rather than swiftly condemn attacks on a pro democratic movement?

I believe the answer may lurk in the flotsam and jetsam surrounding Obama's multi cultural upbringing. Obama may actually believe that democracy is just "one of the many options" that is available to the nations even when it is placed alongside oppressive dictatorial regimes.

What Obama's detractors have feared has finally come to pass on the global scene. His Muslim roots may have begun to crowd out his understanding of American, democratic values that venerate freedom, personal rights, and the government working for the people rather than government working against the people.

Oh, by the excellent piece from Jeff Jacoby. Sheds some light as to why Pres. Obama may be hesitant to speak out on behalf of a pro-freedom movement in Iran.
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