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Default Gives new meaning to the word academic...

Could this be any less important? Anyone who shouldn't be voting is PROBABLY not going to be reading the guy's book, now are they? Are we going to start a national dialogue about why people shouldn't vote? Some of its interesting in an abstract philosophical way, but maybe the interlocutors could have shown a slight sense in the discussion that it will have no effect on the actual world... And come on guys, its not that hard to understand something like fairness for example--even if you don't know all the details of economic theory, you can feel its more fair for everyone to get to go to a decent school, have health care, etc., and that those who do best in the economy should help those who aren't doing as well to have better opportunities, etc.... You can argue either side of this, and I won't bother to make the arguments here, but you don't need to know all the technical details of economic policy to take sides on the issue. Its really more a moral question than a technical one... And those with more education don't always look out for those who have less. Basically what we have in politics, Sarah Palin aside, is specialization like we have in every area. Policy makers should and generally do know somewhat more about policy and how to achieve certain goals than the average person does, and they're supposed to use that expertise to effect the outcomes that people want, within the bounds of rights of the minority, etc... And yes, of course there are a lot of ways to promote the public good--just think of life without great music, literature, art, blogs, food production....I don't think liberals dispute this...

One comment was good though--its certainly true that people like to think they know more than do, as though the correct answer to factual questions actually depends on what they think about it, not that they have to do a lot of work, and have some ability, to figure out or get closer to the answer.

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