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Default Re: Free Will: In Defense of Not Voting

Originally Posted by TwinSwords View Post
Gosh, I'll admit, that's a tough question. I guess my main concerns about the two party system are that (1) change is very slow, and (2) there is no representation for voices that are outside the mainstream. Since both parties have to compete for a majority of the vote, there's always pressure exerted towards the center, and all other viewpoints are marginalized. It's actually a subject I'd like to learn more about. I wish BHTV would do more with political philosophy or political theory.
Yes, it would be good to learn about this. I think the role of a political party should be discussed, and reviewed. Democracy has some paradoxical dilemmas built in. The way the political parties have been behaving, is such that they seem to be governing for the polls. If the parties are going to engage in "direct" democracy, there must be better ways than polls. Or political parties could fully embrace the role of representative democracy and lead. I don't have a clear idea what the current system tries to be, in practice.
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