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Default Re: Free Will: In Defense of Not Voting

So what about the lesser of two evil argument that so many people seem to follow when voting? If one has serious doubts about both major candidates running (i.e. Obama & McCain) should one refuse to cast a vote or should one compromise?

I truly believe that both Obama and McCain will be terrible for the country, and I still haven't decided whether to cast a vote. The other candidates running are too extreme for my taste...I've discovered this election season that I'm essentially a centrist moderate. My vote doesn't matter much since I live in NY, which will go Dem regardless of my vote. If, on the other hand, I lived in a swing state where my vote mattered, how should I make a decision about whether to vote when I believe both to be terrible choices?

This is why I hate the major two-party system. It's time for a strong Independent party.
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