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Default Re: Free Will: In Defense of Not Voting

That's a good point, Wonderment. If you are a genuine weirdo and your sister already knows you are a little bit insane, she won't hold it against you.
Yes, but what I'm saying is the acceptability of the excuse is not dependent on the actual consumption of fossil fuels (infinitesimal or zero). It's more about the cultural context. The "excuse" becomes acceptable to the extent that the values are respected. The sister is harmed less by the brother's absence because of the acceptability (or not) of his excuse. What favors the excuse in this case is the brother's moral consistency about such situations.

It's the same principle that applies when we proffer any excuse for our behavior. The acceptability mitigates the perception of harm (or not).

Example: "Why didn't you show up for work yesterday? We had to turn away a dozen customers because you weren't here." Excuse 1: "My mom died." Excuse 2: "I slept in."
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