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Default Re: Free Will: In Defense of Not Voting

Originally Posted by Wonderment View Post
I disagree with Will on the wedding issue.

Will argues that not showing up at the wedding would have major consequences in terms of family relationships, obligations, etc., but I don't think this would be so major in the case of a person who was consistent about her carbon footprint.

If the wedding guest said, "I'm sorry. I never fly on ethical grounds. I don't drive either, and I use only solar and wind energy for my personal needs," the family would probably understand.

It only sounds weird to us if we think of a person who normally has a huge carbon footprint and suddenly refuses to go to a wedding. Such a person would, indeed, seem like an obnoxious hypocrite.
That's a good point, Wonderment. If you are a genuine weirdo and your sister already knows you are a little bit insane, she won't hold it against you.
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