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Default Re: Helicopters on His Brain

My comment was directed at not how he phrased the question but the fact that this is the third or fourth diavlog where he has essentially asked the same question. I think that as a reporter I would have to begin to look for the underlying reasons as to why it was countries are so reluctant to do this "simple thing" and to me that is Marks presentation and attitude each time hes has brought it up, instead of asking the mouth piece of a UN organization for clarity.

As to the cost those are current contractual replacement costs, as to whether they are inflated is a whole different question, for the Army version of the UH60 and Marine version of the AH-1. Other countries use different helicopters that are cheaper but the idea was to give a general sense of what a 24 helicopter commitment really looks like and why so few countries are actually capable of making this type of commitment.
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