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Default Re: Dumbing down the explanation

Originally Posted by Starwatcher162536 View Post
Maggie wants scientists to dumb down the explanations. Perhaps she forgets that not that long ago an incident where a scientist did dumb down the explanation to a group of laymen resulted in professional peddlers of bullshit picking that up and then branding it about across the entire width and breadth of the right wing media as proof of climate science's duplicity. Hint; "Hide the decline".
I think those emails didn't challenge the science, as such. They were used to accuse those few scientists of lack of integrity. Based on what I read there were several investigations and independent studies that found no fault with their work. Now there is another release of emails that are thought to be of the same original batch, but held up in order to cause another scandal. They seem to be of the same sort. Where they from here, I don't know. Maybe more investigations?
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