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Default Re: Skeptics are irrelevent

Originally Posted by Starwatcher162536 View Post
Both sides argue about the science since it gives the illusion they are supported by the authority of science, but the important part in this discussion is really about values.
I understand the temptation of the "both sides do it" formulation, but above you seem to imply that in the case of climate science, both sides come to the table with preconceived notions about public policy and then cherry pick the science to support that view.

If this is, in fact, your view, I disagree. The skeptics are the ones who come to the discussion with a predetermined view: industry should be unregulated, the state should not encroach on free enterprise, we will harm our competitive standing vis a vis the developing world if we impose costly regulation, and so forth. In order to defend and advance this point of view, many climate skeptics feel it is necessary to attack, undermine, and reject the science. This puts them directly at odds with and in conflict with the overwhelming scientific consensus. They are, in effect, like tobacco manufacturers who have to contend with the unpleasant scientific realities about the cancer causing properties of tobacco use.

The non-skeptics -- everyone else -- you can call them "left" if you want, but really it's not the left, it's just all the other people who aren't "climate skeptics" -- do not approach the issue of climate change in the same way, that is, with a set of policy preferences that compel them to cherry pick the data. Rather, the non-skeptics take a position that is informed by the science. If the science went the other way, so would the opinions of this group. Again I would analogize to tobacco: There are a lot of people who loved smoking cigarettes but gave it up because they respected the science. These people are not just the mirror image of the people who do smoke and dismiss the science as a hoax.
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