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Default Re: Science Saturday: Civilized Violence (Maggie Koerth-Baker & Jessa Gamble)

I thought it was odd that Maggie considered that Pinker's ideas could originate a justification for violence against groups that are "less civilized". Even if the idea may inevitably include a sense of otherness, it doesn't mean that the response would necessarily be violent. Perhaps understanding what it is that makes civilization capable of making progress towards less violence may allow to extend those circumstances to other groups. Don't we know that the luxury of peace is more likely when basic needs are met?

But I did agree with her, that accepting that civilization may have lead to less violence doesn't mean that we don't value other cultures for their own virtues.

Trying to explain scientific or any technical concept to lay people does involve understanding where they are at conceptually, their possible biases and gaps in knowledge, as well as conflicting beliefs. Once all that's taken into account an approach that is supportive and yet clarifies the main misconceptions would be the preferred one.

Great discussion if somehow too open ended at times.
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