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Default Skeptics are irrelevent

Both our guests miss the point. It doesn't matter what people believe with respect to the science of anthropic global warming in regards to public policy. Skeptics are irrelevant. It's just a culture war issue at this point. Both sides argue about the science since it gives the illusion they are supported by the authority of science, but the important part in this discussion is really about values. Specifically what does this generation owe generations further down the line? It would be nice if the crazy and stupid things, especially on one particular side*, would be attenuated so we could move onto the values part of the discussion, but it doesn't really matter. The answer to my previous question is not very fucking much! Nothing will be done, the can will be kicked down the road. My justification for this particular extrapolation is more or less every other issue that has ever faced us with a time horizon more then 30 years.

In the end I guess we are just glorified monkeys. Not really equipped to deal with these kinds of things.

*Care to guess?
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