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Default Re: Science Saturday: Civilized Violence (Maggie Koerth-Baker & Jessa Gamble)

1. ~10-15 y a Bobbi Low addressed the "Noble Savage" ideation empirically.
2. The "who is family" discussion may be interesting in context of philosophy's conventional distinction between what is "morality" and what is "ethics".
3. American art (eg The Hudson River School) would seem to say a lot about the "trope" as one of the speakers puts it. Might this and related genres be examples of sublimated aggression, violence, conflict? Reaction formation? Maybe interesting that Albert Bierstadt was German.
4. It is obvious to say that the "tropes" being discussed may be ways to render benign the feared, the hated, the threatening, the ones abused, the "Other(s)" ( using one discussant's word) etc.
5. This discussion reminds one of Stuart Hall's scholarship re: communication/iconic uses of language/etc.
6. This discussion also reminds one of Adrienne Rich's early 1960s/70s poetry.
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