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Default Re: Flugelhorn Edition (Conor Friedersdorf & Katherine Mangu-Ward)

Originally Posted by TwinSwords View Post
You seem to have a problem with honesty. You've twice used plural (prayers, memos) when you should have used singular. There was a single memo. And what it contained was not a real prayer, but a joke -- one joke.

The truth is never good enough for you, is it, harkin?

Here's the "call for the death of the governor" that has harkin so agitated
A memo sent out and forwarded is plural, sorry if you don't like facts.

But I guess you got me. If Sarah Palin had sent out a memo including a prayer for the death of Gabrielle Giffords, the left media would have jumped en masse, in a sort of 'giddy, almost punch-drunk excitement' on getting out the narrative of (and I quote):

"was not a real prayer, but a joke -- one joke"

Yep! I'm sure that's exactly how Olbermann, Maddow, TPM, Hufpo, the Clique etc would have treated it...........

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