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Default Re: The Sweater Thread (Tim Noah & Jim Pinkerton)

I only read the middle link which seems somewhat slanted to me. I've been told, but haven't bothered to verify, that these fish are an important source of feed for the tuna that supports a hundred million dollor fishing industry. I also am rather ambivalent to farmers that are growing water hungry cash crops in semi-arid areas once I consider issues of water scarcity. Overall, I just think there are better frames to view this issue over then "Hippies vs. Real Working Americans".

Come on Conn, tell me why I'm wrong. Give me a good example of why I shouldn't immediatly dismiss anything the anyone from the Heritage foundation says on the enviorement. I don't have an opinion on most economic or foreighn policy positions, think big and complex is beautiful, and generally find hippies irritating. So come on, I'm a potential consevative convert here Conn!

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