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Default Re: Science Saturday: Christmas Optimism Edition (John Horgan & George Johnson)

Pi is indeed a good film, but it would be wrong to say the protagonist is obsessed with the Kabbalah. He's irreligious and ignorant of the mystic tradition as the film begins. The kaballah sect who think he can discover the lost true name of God serve in the movie as a counterweight to the Wall Street goons that are trying to get him to reveal patterns in the stock market. Max does eventually declare to the kaballists that he alone has been chosen to know the true name (which of course they don't consider acceptable).

Razib says Religious people have more children because they’re more traditional.

I'm more enthusiastic about Vermont secession/militias. Remember that in the war of 1812 the militia refused to invade Canada, as they were only interested in defending their homes. Things didn't turn out well when the national army invaded. If we were still relying on militias we wouldn't be occupying countries far away.

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