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Default Re: The Sweater Thread (Tim Noah & Jim Pinkerton)

Originally Posted by Mannish Boy View Post
One of the main arguments in favour of New START is that it cements improving US-Russian relations, which is absolutely key if the international community can deal with Iran and North Korea. If the Russian regime was so disposed, the UN sanctions on Iran would never have passed and they would have got the missiles Russia had promised to sell them.
That, and the self-serving argument that weaker states need to be able to threaten the Nuclear-5 with a first strike even if they will never have second-strike capability.

Again, too, I enjoyed how Pinkerton tries to be the last interpreter of the Reagan legacy. Everything I've read argues that President Reagan, notably at the Reykjavik summit with Gorbachev, was sincere about his dream to eliminate nukes.

On SDI, I think it's hypocritical to allow unlimited attempts at technology that has never worked using taxpayer cash AND argue for smaller government. SDI is the first part of slashing military spending, to reduce the budget deficit. Who's paying Pinkerton for his lobbying efforts?

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