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Default You can pry my 500 bills out of my cold dead hands!

In this installment of BHTV I was informed that my usage of 100 bills was clearly an indication of sociopathy and criminality. Americans can't figure this out. Why would anybody need cash? Just charge it on your credit card. And pressure those rogue Europeans into giving up on cash as well, so that more money can sit in the banks and be lent to irresponsible American consumers.

Good luck with pressuring Europeans into dropping large bills. Those bills have always been popular in the former hard currency nations. Germany in particular.

(Pseudo)Anonymous electronic cash cards have already been limited to 2500 per year of cumulative spending by the EU commissars, supposedly to fight money laundering, thus rendering them virtually useless. Imagine a wallet that can only hold a certain amount of money per year. So don't trust the benign managerial society improvers to keep their government hands of your electronic cash, once they have purged the planet of coins and bills. The EU commissars couldn't even wait for their crackdown an e-cash until after luring us away from regular cash at first.

None of this seems to have had any measurable impact on money laundering. When anonymous savings accounts were banned in Austria, the Russian mobsters moved on to other forms of wealth storage.

Muslim terrorists in particular can simply rely on the informal, trust based banking systems that are prevalent in Muslim communities due to the disapproval of regular banking in Islam.

We live in a time and age of increasing scarcity of precious metals. Thieves are stealing copper wires and manhole covers. The effort to keep criminals from storing and transporting wealth in compact form is thus utterly futile.
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