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Originally Posted by rcocean View Post
Huh? Clinton's case WAS about sexual harassment. He sexually harassed Paula Jones while he was Governor of Arkansas. He lied under oath because he didn't want to pay Jones for sexually harassing her.

Having sex with Lewinsky in the Oval office - at work - while she was intern was also sexual harassment under HR guidelines in almost every major corporation.

But guess 'cause Billie Boy hated the 'Religious Right' it was OK.
Lewinski initiated that encounter by showing her panties - that's an awfully technical definition of harassment you're depending on. "He sexually harassed Paula Jones" is tendentious and unproven, just like every other accusation that Clinton was involved in any non-consensual act. And even if the above weren't true, the comparison was with Clarence Thomas - Clinton is irrelevant here.

I'd say, by the way, that "hatred" is a much better description of the Religious Right's feelings toward Clinton (see Falwell, Jerry) than the reverse.
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