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Default Re: The Week in Blog: Hug It Out (Bill Scher & Matt Lewis)

So, Lewis begins his discussion of Kagan's nomination by spending eight minutes singling out "the interesting topic" of whether or not she's gay, while tutting about how trivial it is. And Scher lets him get away with it.

Kagan's friends have said she's not gay, and with due respect to Andrew Sullivan, it's not important, or interesting, except as a way to dog-whistle to conservatives that she's a threat of some sort, and to indulge discussion of it as what's most "interesting" about her nomination is to play into the hands of right wing scandal-mongers.

Other than that, lots of characteristic hand-weaving on Lewis' part - can we just take it as an admission of defeat when he changes the subject instead of defending some unsupported contention he has just been called on? It sure is a tiresome conversational gambit, and I wish Scher wouldn't enable it quite so often.
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