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Originally Posted by TwinSwords View Post
Right. The analogy is that the Child Protective Services you referenced are paid for by taxing the citizenry, which includes good parents. So, in effect, we are taxing the Cadillac parents. Why? So that children with awful parents can be rescued from shitty circumstances and given a chance at a better life.

And if you're a true libertarian, you are opposed to this practice. I realize a lot of people call themselves libertarians in a more informal sense, like the guy who wants to smoke pot, or the one who wants to ride a motocycle without a helmet. But a true philosophical libertarian is considers taxation for child services to be tyranny, and an illegitimate exercise of government power. Which is why libertarianism will never amount to more than either (a) a tiny fringe political movement, or (b) a more robust movement that is less doctrinaire about what it means to be a libertarian (e.g., Brink Lindsay).

I'm not making an argument against funding increases in health coverage through increases in the income tax. My point is specific to taxing people who want to pay more to get more, the so-called Cadillac plans. It doesn't always have to come down to ideologies, I'm making a simple observation about incentives and distortions that such a tax would have. It would be like taxing people who make an effort to have a good relationship with their parents, and the better the relationship the more your taxed.
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