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Default Re: Squeaky Clean Edition (Robert Wright & Ramesh Ponnuru)

On nuclear proliferation... there is no country on this earth, that has nuclear weapons, which will relinquish all of their weapons, correct?

Is the US or Russia or India or China or Israel ever going to completely wipe out their stockpile of such weapons?

If no, and if over time more countries will tend to get weapons, why not work towards something that actually could happen, like encouraging more countries (no idea how to go about this) that have or will have dangerous weapons to become more responsible.

I mean at some point, you can't put the technology under wraps, so why bother? As long as nations that have them keep them away from deranged people, I don't see the issue.

It's like Ramesh's hope for the future is for nations to be better and more responsible with increasing power, Bobs hope for the future is that more nations never get to the stage where they have destructive power.

Almost as if he never expects some other nations to come out of a childlike state, irresponsible, and volatile, and not to be trusted, so best to not have weapons fall into the hands of the savages.

By the way, the current state of some societies does not give me much confidence about them either, but my solution is not to magically whisk away all dangerous capability (never, ever, EVER going to happen, might as well hope for preventing knowledge of gun powder or explosives or whatever else, that could harm others), it is get people to be more responsible.
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