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Default Re: OMG! Do I agree with Ramesh?

Originally Posted by Wonderment View Post
I have to say, as a professional Monday morning quarterback, that I am inclined to agree a better, far simpler and more marketable plan would have been to expand Medicare chronologically downward. Obama could have started by saying, "Medicare will now cover everyone 55 and older. In 2011 it will include everyone 54 and older, and so on for the next few decades." We'd eventually have single payer universal coverage. Late, but not never.
The lasting casualty of this health care insurance reform frankfurter spectacle is any regard for the technocratic fantasies of pundits and profs. It's obvious to me now, that "plans" don't motivate political players. I would put more hope in the sort of legislative arm-twisting and presidential cajolery that would force players to compromise.

As a sop, though, I would suggest limiting the number of political appointees to the executive departments and professionalizing perhaps to assistant level. It would encourage regulatory capture, but I think Americans will need to deal with less efficiency to avoid boom and bust.
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