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Default OMG! Do I agree with Ramesh?

I have to say, as a professional Monday morning quarterback, that I am inclined to agree a better, far simpler and more marketable plan would have been to expand Medicare chronologically downward. Obama could have started by saying, "Medicare will now cover everyone 55 and older. In 2011 it will include everyone 54 and older, and so on for the next few decades." We'd eventually have single payer universal coverage. Late, but not never.

I see lots of obvious problems with this approach, but it does have the big advantage of working to expand a popular program. It's hard for Republicans who are on Medicare or have their parents on Medicare to scream very loudly that Medicare is Trotskyist. Isn't Medicare just a joyous component of American capitalism -- a key benefit of living in The Greatest Country to Ever Have Existed?
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