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Default Re: Single diavlogger seeks same for stimulating conversation

Sort of, not really. I'd like to talk about the future of democracy promotion and what that whole idea even means, and to what extent democracy is exportable. I emailed the Bloggingheads people saying that I wanted to have a diavlog about the fall of the Berlin wall and what that meant for American foreign policy in terms of validating the idea that democracy is somehow inevitable and exportable -- I specifically wanted to talk about Eastern Europe, because that's what I know about, but I can talk about anything.

I just won't talk about whether what Obama's doing is a good strategy or not, because I have really no informed opinion beyond "Wow, I hope it doesn't fail". If you specifically want to talk about counterinsurgency vs. counterterrorism and what are the benefits and drawbacks of these strategies, I'm probably not the person for you, but I would like to talk about the sort of theories of democracy promotion and whether it's what the US should be doing.
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