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Default Re: Scientist seeks same

Originally Posted by osmium View Post
Scientist seeks same to discuss:

1) The scientific method
2) The peer-review process
3) Whether or not people in different fields interact with the literature in different ways
4) Whether or not both the general public and well-meaning types like journalists misinterpret the workings of the literature.

PS I'm bad on the phone and fully expect to make an ass of myself.
I'd love to listen to that! Hope you find a partner. Would like to hear these issues discussed by both a "basic" scientist and a social scientist, either in one diavlog or in separate diavlogs. I suspect the above 4 topics vary considerably between the two, as perhaps do the standards of evidence for each (perhaps add standards of evidence as discussion topic 1a?). I have my fingers non-scientifically crossed for you.
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