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Default Re: Competition and empathy and the boundaries of empathy

(Replying pretty much only to the subject line)

In what was a fairly unusual occurrence for me, I watched the entire Jets-Chargers game this afternoon. I was caught up in it, and happy for the Jets, but I am pretty much the sort of fan Roger Angell thinks we should be.

The thing that has stayed with me, though, is the deep feelings I have for Nate Kaeding [1]. Poor guy.

I have long been aware that I do not particularly enjoy winning in athletic competition, except when I'm on the underdog side, going against a bunch of trash-talkers. This lack of a killer instinct inhibited me all of my jock life and led directly to my early retirement from serious competition. [2]


[1] Nate Kaeding is the placekicker for the Chargers. Right before his first field goal attempt, from 30-some-odd yards out, the announcers mentioned that he had made something like 40 straight field goals from inside the 40. He hooked it wide left.

He also missed his second one, though this was a 57-yarder -- probably just outside his range.

Prior to his third attempt, the on-screen graphic read:

Nate Kaeding has never missed three field goals in any one game.
And ... you guessed it.

P.S. The Jets won by 3.


[2] Along, possibly, with my grievous lack of speed, strength, endurance, and hand-eye coordination.
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