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Default Re: The obstacle to prosecuting war criminals is you

Originally Posted by Wonderment View Post
Of course, Obama or McCain won't go after the war criminals in the Bush administration. But that's because the American people don't care enough.
But the victims are voiceless. They need [somebody with the tirelessness of] a Cindy Sheehan, [but the eloquence, integrity, and name-recognition of a Bobby Kennedy.]

The best hope is a universal jurisdiction arrest, as Josh suggests.
Making the perps pariahs when they leave the sanctuary of the USA is in itself a kind of sanction. The more international shunning, the better.

Also helpful would be a "probable cause" list, prepared by HRW or another reputable NGO, composed of war crimes suspects.
It won't be easy to hold these guys accountable. It will take a sustained movement of committed activists. The perps write self-serving memoirs, get old and often die before any progress is made. But nothing could be more important than not letting war criminals skate. Impunity is an incentive to future leaders who contemplate similar misdeeds.

America cannot get amnesia in January of 09, [but you can be damn sure they will, whether it's McCain or whether it's Obama, this because they do not even have convictions on these sorts of matters, much less the courage of their convictions, and so it will only be outside the boundaries of the US that this will develop any traction. Obama's followers will fall in line like entourage of the pied piper, and so will just sniff, shrug, and will change the subject.]
Right on post. (See bracketed comments above.)

For related and chilling audio interviews on the Philip Gourevitch & Errol Morris film-and-book collaboration ("Standard Operating Procedure"), with Fred Burton ("Ghost--Confessions of a Counterrorism Agent"), and also some Orwellian fictional futurist take-offs, stream the RealAudio July 6th "Orwell and the War on Terror" from Wisconsin Public Radio's "To the Best of Our Knowledge." The show-description link (and also the audio link) are here:

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