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Default Re: The Audacity of Glenn


Good point. I would say, however, that it's a little kind to say "possibly flawed measure." It seems to me that the most familiar measure -- standardized tests -- is a very bad measure, primarily due to the inevitability of "teaching to the test."

What else do we have? Student evaluations? Near worthless, I'd say, speaking both as a former student and relative of several college professors. (I do, however, think evaluations from former students taken years down the road could be worthwhile, especially for singling out the good ones.)

Anything else?

All that said, I am in favor of trying to develop some kind of accountability, provided that it comes along with the possibility of reward for good teachers beyond just keeping their jobs. I raised a clenched fist salute when Josh and Glenn were talking about (good) teachers being able to earn $100K/year, and not just college profs, either.
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