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Default Re: Lessons Learned: The Creation of Terrorists (Robert Wright & Scott Atran)

Great diavlog all around, as ledocs and others have said.

It is remarkable that al Qaeda can put out hours of video propaganda about the Bosnian conflicts of the 90s and not mention the fact that NATO/US intervened on the side of Muslim separatists, not on the Serbian side.

It is WAY more remarkable that a well educated, well informed, close observer like RW had not heard of the Taliban's several efforts to open a dialog up and possibly offer OBL up for trial and extradition in the weeks following 9/11. It was reported once on the inside pages of the NYT, but derided by US pundits, and then promptly sent down the memory hole. True, it may have been a ploy, but the US did not even consider it, refusing even the reasonable request that evidence be shown tying OBL to the crimes.

It is also WAY more remarkable that the US punditocracy is virtually unanimous in their assertion that the US bombing of Serbia in 1999 was in response to massive ethnic cleansing, when ALL expulsion of ethnic Albanians into neighboring states happened AFTER NATO bombing began, and was an expected outcome of the bombing (according to Wesley Clark, among others).
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