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Default I looked into Suzy Palin's eyes and saw her soul

Dear My Georgian Friend Ray,

You pretty much just cribbed sloganeering from McCain's website.
As my good friend Dick Cheney would say, "So?"

But that's not why I'm posting on BH today. I'm here because I want to put an end to all this talk about Suzy Palin not being qualified to take over if I am incapacitated or dead.

First off, Alzheimer's patients typically survive 10 years or more from the onset of the disease, and I'm only two years in, so don't worry.

Second, I have looked in Suzy's deep, twinkly, sexy eyes, and I have plumbed the voluptuousity of her palpitating soul.

Here's some straight talk: Suzy has the soul of a white pioneer woman, someone like Annie Oakley who would shoot an Injun or an Islamofascist as soon as look at him.

I know people compare Suzy to Xena, Warrior Princess, especially in the boob department, but that's not accurate because Xena is not American and also allegedly a pagan lesbian.

It's better to compare her to true American heroine Wonder Woman. My gutless opponent, B. Hussein Obama thinks girls should be like the colored lady who broke the law by sitting in the front of the bus -- Rhonda Parks. But real woman warriors look like this:

War is Peace,
John M
God bless (not God damn!) America!

I'm John M. and I approve this message
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