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Default Constraints on McCain's ability to wage war?

Impressed as I am with Eli's prescience regarding Islamadad, I'm a lot less impressed by his appraisal of McBomb.

Eli's claim that McCain will not be able to wage wars because he doesn't have a sizable enough ground army is quite dubious.

Certainly McCain can (and surely would) wage air wars and destabilization wars, while financing guerrilla wars all over the planet. He doesn't think he needs a ground army to bomb the bejusus out of Iran or to green-light the Israelis to do the dirty work.

Although McCain opposes a draft, if all hell breaks loose over the Iranian reaction to being bombed, a draft could become inevitable. (That's why we still have draft registration, for just such a national emergency as is likely to be provoked by a reckless warmonger in the White House).

McCain's bellicosity with Russia also increases the probability of a potentially civilization-ending nuclear war. The "We are all Georgians" comment was just as ominous as the "Bomb bomb bomb Iran" comment.
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