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Default Re: Irresponsible Predictions

As a university professor who's published work on the Middle East (which apparently means Eli should slavishly bow down before me) I think conservatives are right to point to both the political AND the career incentives the academy provides. Much like Tom Friedman heads over to a few cafes in Iran and concludes that everyone there loves America, we often conduct what's called a drunkard's search (looking under the lamppost for our lost keys b/c that's where the light is). As a result, we actually get things wrong at least as often as not, and since it's hard to publish work that says, "the status quo is fine, do nothing," I think we tend to get things wrong in sort of an activist direction . . . that doesn't mean Giuliani didn't make a fool of himself, but on that one the electorate has already shown its relative wisdom in summarily rejecting him.
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