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Default Are Americans Liberal?

"Liberal" is a bad word in the United States, after years of Republicans deploying it as an epithet. But the evidence suggests that in fact, most Americans are liberal. Because of the skewed nature of our national political discourse, I think most people would be surprised to find out that:

Most REPUBLICANS support stronger measures to protect the environment,
Most REPUBLICANS support unions
Most REPUBLICANS support affirmative action
Most REPUBLICANS believe corporations make too much profit
Most REPUBLICANS believe that global warming is both real and man-made

Apparently, the Republican Party doesn't even represent its own membership on most issues. The national Republican Party's official positions are far to the right of most actual Republicans on these issues.

What is strange is that when directly asked "are you liberal," most Americans say "no." But when you ask about specific issues, most Americans are liberal on most issues.

Of course, there are issues where the public remains more conservative, such as gay marriage. But even on the topic of gay marriage, data indicate that the public is liberal and getting more liberal each year.

These are all from the same source:

This study didn't ask about every issue, but other polls indicate that Americans hold the liberal point of view with respect to:

Abortion rights
Stem cell research
National/universal health care
Immigration (let them stay; become citizens)
Social Security

The remarkable thing is that most of this defies conventional wisdom. If you listen to the media or the Republican Party, you would scarcely suspect that most Republicans support unions or that most Americans support amnesty for illegal immigrants.

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