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A common culture.

At least it is part of a healthy democracy I think.

Yes we have many different cultures in the US, but by and large, people from all cultures buy into a larger American culture, as such, they feel included in the society at large. For those that do not buy in, there are problems with the larger society and discord (i.e. gangs, panthers, anarchists, etc), even if some of the detachment is justified ala treatment of blacks, the effect of that feeling of detachment from the larger society is a negative, and to the extent that it still exists, remains a negative for the population.

Take this interview with Michael Caine as an example

for relevant portion skip to 49 minutes in, to about 50:10.

So when people mouth off about the strength of a society being a diversity of cultures, know it for what it is, hogwash, it may not be a negative, but it is not a strength on its own. Having people from diverse backgrounds buy into the larger common culture IS a strength.

We need only look at the muslim populations of many European nations vs the US.

multiculturalism is not the answer, a common culture is, and if you have that, the number of cultures will cause far less discord.

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