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Default Re: Whitewashing The Civil War

Originally Posted by uncle ebeneezer View Post
The Broncos current winning streak can be easily attributed to natural causes, none of which is Tim Tebow. There's a long thread at LG&M about it. By pretty much every statistic considered meaningful for QB evaluation, Tebow is not playing great right now despite his team winning.

My bigger question is what would have happened if Tebow had Museem Mohamed as one of his receivers? Would he throw to him?
god, that last sentence is a fucking trainwreck. first of all, it's mushin muhammad. secondly, he (muhammad) is a christian. third of all, and probably worst of all, (and I am no tim tebow fan, nor am I a christian) you seem to think tim tebow hates muslims just because he's a serious christian? what the hell?
She said the theme of this party's the Industrial Age, and you came in dressed like a train wreck.
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